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Major News Events in 1966


January 29th - The Road Safety Act is passed which leads to the use of the Breathalyzer.


February 3rd - Soviet probe Luna 9 is the first artificial satellite to 'land' on the moon


March 31st - The USSR launches Luna 10, which will become the first space probe to orbit the moon


April 21st - An artificial heart is installed in the chest of Marcel DeRudder in a Houston hospital


May 28th - Fidel Castro announces martial law in Cuba because of possible US attack


June 13th - The US Supreme Court rules in the Miranda case that police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them


July 28th - At 70, Florence Nagle becomes the first licensed female racehorse trainer.


August 5th - Groundbreaking on the World Trade Center takes place.


September 16th - The Metropolitan Opera house opens in New York City


October 7th - The 'hippie' drug LSD is made illegal in California


November 25th - J. Edgar Hoover announces all evidence suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone


December 15th - Cartoon genius Walt Disney dies at age 65.



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